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Noona is pretty :D by luckynyan4
Noona is pretty :D
 becose training is boring and Doo-Soo  takes awful selfies...
this time he wanted to include Seo-Yoon cuz  she's training so  hard^^

Seo-Yoon belongs to XerO and Akiho-Shire

:iconsi-entertainment: :iconsi-entertainment:  :iconsi-entertainment:
sakura and cake by luckynyan4
sakura and cake
This was intended a present for Saku's bda  a while a go bvut i never got t finish it ..oor make it pretty ..but i hope it looks all right last? orz
sorry i was late and this  got too long to  get done ..but yeah..i 'll try to make better stuff for her

Saku belongs to drasticslostsoul
tatakai meme by luckynyan4
tatakai meme
Halloween went by so fast i didn't have a chase to post this at the proper time Q.Q
Inuyasha costume..yeah Sakura had requested it ..Akumu dose not like it, at all.
Sweet Ice Cf by luckynyan4
Sweet Ice Cf
Xer0's members Cute rapper Yena and singer DooSoo  are doing their very first cf~
S(weet) I(ce)  icecream brand supported by  S..I.Ent. <33
Image video  no.3 has been used - ( this image right here  - )

Gomen everyone,am not good at buildings and shadeing Q.Q

Yena belongs to - :iconnenenin:



From this cute person :iconshrio-nii:

If we were drunk I would...
[ ] Try to fight you
[ ] Hug you, uncontrollably cry and continuously say "I fuckin' love you man" 
[ ] Vomit on you and pass out
[ ] We don't drink =/
[ ] Tell you my complex backstory 
[ ] Awkwardly flirt with you
[ ] Leave to try and get laid
[ ] Walk up to you and burp

To me you are...
[ ] Meh...
[ ] Sexy as hell
[ ] Pretty cool
[ ] Really cool
[ ] My dearest
[ ] Creepy
[ ] Amazing
[ ] Interesting
[ ] That guy

If we went on a date...
[ ] Nope.avi
[ ] Treat you with class
[ ] Take you to a disco
[ ] Get all "touchy feely"
[ ] Spend the entire date using shitty pick up lines
[ ] Attempt to cup a feel
[ ] Try to impress you and inevitably fail
[ ] Look at you saying "I can't believe I got this far..." 

I would...
[ ] Date you
[ ] Hang out with you
[ ] Beat the shit out of you
[ ] Show you these amazing new shoes that I got for only $17.99
[ ] Sell cocaine to bail you out of jail
[ ] Take I fucking bullet for you man
[ ] Force you to play Catmario
[ ] Kill you 
[ ] Grab you by the shoulders look you deep in the eyes and whisper, "What the actual fuck"

If you looked out the window at midnight I would...
[ ] Hold a boom box out over my head and play a romantic song
[ ] Be hiding the bushes
[ ] Passed out drunk in a pile of my own vomit
[ ] Be singing ,,Hungry Like the Wolf"
[ ] Try to explain to you why I am naked and holding a gas can full of live bats
[ ] Throw random stuff at your window
[ ] Stay for a while staring

If we lived together...
[ ] Argue all the time
[ ] We'd have 'fun' every night
[ ] Watch movies
[ ] Prank call
[ ] Chat
[ ] Play fight
[ ] Cuddle
[ ] Kiss
[ ] Watch YTP
[ ] Throw an epic party
[ ] Make out
[ ] Whatever you want
[ ] I wouldn't want to live with you

If we kissed by accident, I would...
[ ] Bite your lip softly
[ ] Kiss you back
[ ] Slap you
[ ] Laugh about it
[ ] Stand there wondering if I should kiss you again
[ ] Think ,,What the fuck just happened"
[ ] It wouldn't happen
[ ] It'll never ever ever ever happen, so don't get your hopes up

If you held my hand, I would...
[ ] Lock my fingers in between yours
[ ] Stand there like wtf are you doing
[ ] Let you keep it
[ ] Pull away
[ ] Idk
[ ] Blush like crazy

If you hugged me, I would...
[ ] Hug you back
[ ] Push away
[ ] Be shocked
[ ] I wouldn't hug you
[ ] Stand there awkwardly

Would I date you?
[ ] Yeah
[ ] Maybe
[ ] Nahhhhh
[ ] Idk
[ ] Nah we're basically brother/sister
[ ] Already am
[ ] Already taken

If we walked home together, I'd/we'd... 
[ ] Hold your hand
[ ] Push you in a bush
[ ] Trip you and run
[ ] Make lots of selfies
[ ] Give you a biiiiiiig hug
[ ] Have a heart to heart conversation
[ ] Act like idiots

In 10 years, I see you... 
[ ] Pregnant 
[ ] A famous person
[ ] Model
[ ] Crackhead
[ ] Same as now
[ ] Athlete
[ ] Partying every night
[ ] In university

I can see us... 
[ ] Living together
[ ] Being close
[ ] Not talking
[ ] Married
[ ] Chilling
[ ] Partying together

You should... 
[ ] Talk to me more
[ ] Chill with me
[ ] Write on my wall
[ ] Stop being a stranger
[ ] Text me
[ ] Call me
[ ] Skype with me
[ ] Put this as your journal so I can comment on it

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Deth note sound track
  • Reading: ugh you don't want to know
  • Watching: doggy
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water lol

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